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Ocella Birth Control

Once a woman gets pregnant in no time, then she possibly finds way on how to get rid of it and the only solution is to abort the baby which is wrong. Prevention is better this is a fact statement that anyone must be aware of, that is why most women use pills to prevent the formation of a baby. One of the most common pills that women consider is Ocella birth control pill, this drug is ultimately helpful to avoid pregnancy, on the other hand associated with so many risks if not aware of. There are lots of issues and problem that has been filed against the manufacturer of this and thus results to thousands of women affected with the use of this drug when it comes to its side effects. At first most women use the product to make sure that they will not get pregnant and enjoy their marital status, yes this drug is very effective to avoid pregnancy but they did not even consider of the things that they will get any severe health problems if they will use the pill without any awareness and proper knowledge, that is why this drug reported to be very dangerous and not good for one’s health.

Ocella birth control pill is a generic type of Yasmin. The pill was developed by Barr Pharmaceuticals then earned popularity as the most well known birth control pill in U.S… Marketing and organizations altogether helped Ocella earn popularity and forced doctors to recommend pills to women seeking for efficient birth control measures. On the other hand, the black truth about Barr Pharmaceutical is that they have used the wrong marketing as well as misleading facts luring women to adapt the drug, where good results is far from reality. Drospirenon is what Ocella birth control contains and is the main reason for all the side effects even though this is very effective to stop pregnancy.

Ocella Birth Control

Drospirenone is the main ingredient of this drug that cause higher risks of severe health complications that increase higher level of potassium in the blood. Higher level of potassium will cause injury in the gallbladder and blood clots. Studies showed that to take this drug will certainly encounter gallbladder problems. Formation of the gallstones attributes to increased the bile constituents’ concentration and high level of cholesterol where the gallstones leads to a decreased movement of the gallbladder and so leads to various complications. Food and Drug Administration showed serious response to Barr Manufacturer after they have seen the negative name and several lawsuits filed against the drug that cause irrevocable damage to many. Food and Drug Administration also raised warning against the Barr Manufacturer to sell false claims and to provide insufficient data regarding the side effects and risks associated with the intake of non hormonal birth control. FDA sent a warning letter to the Barr Inc. about the misleading advertisement the company has featured; as a result Barr has issued a new campaign clarifying to all the viewers regarding their previous false campaigns and statements about using the Ocella, where the Barr’s latest campaign focused mostly on the negative side effects than the benefits.

Those women who are planning to use Ocella must have well knowledge regarding the drug and must discuss it with their doctor. The use Ocella birth control cause higher risk of health complications. Safety lies in a person’s hand; this is not just a statement but a fact. To be educated and wise to read the information carefully provided on the product about the ingredients and negative side effects is important to prevent any complications and health issues. Whatever steps that Food and Drug Administration takes in stopping the Ocella that cause irrevocable damaged to the lives of many, at the end of the day it is still the consumers who need to be aware of.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy using Ocella is what most women think as the benefit of this drug, but they have never know that this will lead to severe side effects and other complications is not being aware of it. Some of the side effect this drug cause is lung diseases, blood clots, gallbladder disease and heart attack. In extreme cases, complications may be fatal that is leads death; this is why it is very important for the women to be educated when it comes about Ocella birth control and its negative side effects.

Ocella is only available once prescribed by a doctor because this is very dangerous for a woman who is above thirty five years old, smoke cigarettes and have heart ailments, kidney problems, blood clots and other related health problems. Thus it is vital to know any health problems before taking this drug or discuss anything with your doctor to have the knowledge on what this drug all about to avoid any health conflicts.

If you want to consider knowing a lot more about Ocella birth control pill, you can check and search for other related information over the internet. Internet is now widely and been a medium for many to know information they wanted to educated with. There are also available websites where you can gather lots of details and some important factors regarding the drug. You can also search for those people who used Ocella that encounters side effects to make sure that the drug is not good for the health to those who have the history of any health problems. If you really need this drug, try to make a research first and read available websites to know if you are suitable to use the products. Read some reviews and feedbacks of the patients who use the products and you can also find a professional doctor that will help you about the drug. Make sure to choose a doctor that is aware about the Ocella birth control pill so that he will guide and assist you when you use the drug. Discuss everything as needed to ensure that it will be safe for your health and will not cause any side effects.